Floral Gums, Calgary Loves this Candy!

Hated by half the UK and adored by the other, Floral Gums (known affectionately as “Soap candy” invokes the strongest opinions in candy lovers world-wide. Named for their flowery scent and flavour, these tiny, former penny candies have a loyal following of people who swear they taste the best. Like ever. We agree!

Sweet Factory Candy Boutique is one of few locations in Calgary caring the controversial sweets. High-five for us! You can drop in and get your fix.

The history behind floral gums is pretty cool too. There’s only one factory on the planet that has the secret recipe to pump these treats out and they burned down. All the way down. For years there were no floral gums. It was like the public was teased with their awesomeness and when the factory finally rebuilt and opened their doors for the second time, the anticipation had the UK mesmerized. This candy was selling fast!

Eventually, floral gum candy bust out of England and made its way through the Commonwealth and eventually right here to Calgary just for you try. Come have a taste of this delicious candy. Soap-schmope!

Reasons to Choose Floral Gum Products

Candies exist to make everyone happy all over the world. These sweet treats can make you happy with one bite. That’s why there are a lot of candy manufacturers that want everyone’s attention with their own candy.

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of candies that you can choose from, especially these days. From lollipop to pop rocks, you definitely won’t run out of candy that you can buy here at Sweet Factory. 

But one of the best products that we have here is a classic one and that is floral gum. This might sound like a dentist prescribed candy but it is not. It packs a lot of great flavours even though they are only small in size. 

If you do not believe us, you may continue reading this article and learn more about why you should choose floral gum candy as your new favourite candy to eat. 

Even though it’s old, it still packs a lot of flavours

This does not mean that the candy itself is old and you cannot eat it. We only mean that this candy is one of the most classic candies that you can try that still gives you a lot of great flavours to taste. 

You can even say that this type of candy stands the test of time because of the fact that it is still popular among children. It also tries to introduce new flavours to the mix to make the customers more satisfied with it. 

It Will definitely make you feel better 

This might sound like a surprise but eating floral gum candy can help you more relax often. This is because of the fact that eating sweets can bring you happiness and relax your mind even for a little while. 

That’s why you need to eat this type of candy to make you feel happier and more energetic to attract more positive thoughts in your life. Just remember that eating floral gum products should be consumed moderately to avoid having any bad effects on your body. 

Affordable and accessible

Buying floral gum products is much easier than buying another candy that is exclusive. There are a lot of stores and online shops that sell this kind of candy to make everyone happier with the help of candy here at the Sweet Factory.

You don’t have to worry about breaking your own piggy bank when buying floral gum candy because you can buy it at an affordable price. Here at Sweet Factory, we have a lot of floral gum candy that you can choose from. 

Besides floral gum candies, we have other selections of candies that you can choose from here at Sweet Factory. You can browse our website to learn more about the products that we offer.