Cola Balls. Not just for kids or ballers.

Cola Balls are deceiving. They look all shiny, sleek and ready to load in your BB gun as ammunition but these metallic looking treats are actually jaw-breakers packing a tasty, cola flavor. Yum!

Kids go crazy for them. Maybe because they sparkle but probably because the flavour lasts long and they look like they’re from the future or serve a higher purpose other than pure taste satisfaction. Which is important too. It’s the little things in life, right?

Cola Balls come in a few different sizes, depending on how serious you are with your jaw-breaker addiction. For amateurs, I’d recommend the pint sized itty-bitty balls but for true candy fiends, go for the grand.

Parents and creatives love Cola Balls. They’re a great candy for cake and cupcake decoration. Or just for the sake of art. I’d rather look at Cola-Ball art than noodle art.

Supposedly the Dutch created this cool treat. You can have a taste of Holland and of cola without ever having to leave Calgary. Come down to the shop in Mount Royal and we’ll give you a sample taste. Warning. You’re going to want to try some and buy some.