Sweet Factory Candy: 10 Fun And Delicious Candy Treats

10 Fun And Delicious Candy Treats

Not all sugar is bad for health, some are candy treats and are good for you. Just ask Calgarian locals who adore Sweet Factory Candy’s delicious sweets and candy assortment. Various types of chocolate, soft-serve ice cream, popcorn, pretzels, jellies, gummies, soft, sour, and chewy candies, and so much more!

You won’t hear it often from health and fitness experts, but candies do have surprising health benefits. Eaten in moderation, sweets can add years to your life. Sugar has also been known to help increase your focus, especially when you are studying or you need to concentrate.

Of course, the good news about chocolates is widely known. There have been studies indicating that chocolates reduce the risk of certain diseases. It’s also a good source of antioxidants, the stuff that lowers blood pressure and keeps you young-looking.

But did you know that you can make your own special candy treats? Here are 10 fun and delicious ideas:

  1. Cake decoration

Candies can jazz up any cake. Spruce up your homemade cake with funny candy artwork on top of your plain icing. Or grind them into colourful bits and sprinkle them all over the icing.

  1. Candy freeze

Keep them in the freezer all year long so you have something to throw into your milkshake, ice cream, or frozen desserts.

     3. DIY trail mix

Make your own trail mix:

  • M&M candies
  • assorted nuts
  • pretzels
  • cookie bits
  • chips

     4. Liqueurs

When your friends are around, serve some of your dark chocolate and caramel candies with wine, whiskey, and even vodka. It’s sure to liven up the conversation when you and your friends try to make your own alcoholic mix with fruits, chocolates, and candies.

     5. Brownie and cookie bars

Bake a batch of your favourite brownie bars or chewy cookies with chopped candy bits.

     6. Mocha coffee

Make a quick and easy mocha flavour with your coffee brew and chocolate. You can also melt your chocolate and make a cup of hot chocolate.

     7. Gummy gelatins

Put fun in your plain jelly with colourful gummy bears.

     8. Chocolate dips

Make your own chocolate dip. You just need three main things and will only take 15 minutes. You can always revise the recipe and add other ingredients that will work with your dip. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Melt chocolate bits in the microwave.
  • Add whipped cream and cream cheese.
  • Whip everything together in the blender.

Some of the delicious things you can dip in chocolate include

  • apple wedges
  • banana chunks
  • strawberries
  • peanuts
  • plain crackers
  • cupcakes
  • churros
  • cookies
  • salted and other flavoured chips

     9. Popcorn candies

Pour candy syrup on your hot plain popcorn and mix it with nuts and candy bits.

    10. Candy tower

Build a separate candy tower for your party folks, or add them as sides to your chocolate lava fountain.

Sweets also make for good party prizes. Playing for candy or chocolate bars puts a lot of fun into party games. If you still have leftover candies, maybe you can regift them or you can always bring them to work to share.