Floral Gums, Calgary Loves this Candy!

Floral Gum CandyHated by half the UK and adored by the other, Floral Gums (known affectionately as “Soap candy” invokes the strongest opinions in candy lovers world-wide. Named for their flowery scent and flavour, these tiny, former penny candies have a loyal following of people who swear they taste the best. Like ever. We agree!

Sweet Factory Candy Boutique is one of few locations in Calgary caring the controversial sweets. High-five for us! You can drop in and get your fix.

The history behind floral gums is pretty cool too. There’s only one factory on the planet that has the secret recipe to pump these treats out and they burned down. All the way down. For years there were no floral gums. It was like the public was teased with their awesomeness and when the factory finally rebuilt and opened their doors for the second time, the anticipation had the UK mesmerized. This candy was selling fast!

Eventually, floral gum candy bust out of England and made its way through the Commonwealth and eventually right here to Calgary just for you try. Come have a taste of this delicious candy. Soap-schmope!