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Cola Balls - 1/4"

Cola Balls. Not just for kids or ballers.

Cola Balls are deceiving. They look all shiny, sleek and ready to load in your BB gun as ammunition but these metallic looking treats are actually jaw-breakers packing a tasty, cola flavor. Yum! Kids go crazy for them. Maybe because they sparkle but probably because the flavour lasts long and they look like they’re from […]

Floral Gum Candy

Floral Gums, Calgary Loves this Candy!

Hated by half the UK and adored by the other, Floral Gums (known affectionately as “Soap candy” invokes the strongest opinions in candy lovers world-wide. Named for their flowery scent and flavour, these tiny, former penny candies have a loyal following of people who swear they taste the best. Like ever. We agree! Sweet Factory […]